Henning Makholm


I'm a computer scientist living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I used to be a reseacher at the Technical University of Denmark, and earlier at Heriot-Watt "University" and DIKU (University of Copenhagen, Denmark). In the summer of 2006 I left academia in favor of a developer position at an IT startup in Copenhagen, where I do cool things that I can't talk much about.

Things I have created

Random writings

I used to be about the last person on earth not to have a blog, but now even I have one.

Scientific papers

See my separate publications page.


See my separate software page.

Web pages


In 1996 I wrote a musical adaptation of Sophocles' Antigone. It was performed by Den Ny Scene, directed by myself. There used to be a web page about the production, but it is currently off-line. However, the script is online (pdf).

How to reach me

By email



Paper mail (home)

Henning Makholm
Damhus Boulevard 1 I tv
2610 Rĝdovre

GPG/PGP public keys

My main public key has ID 5CBC1773. The key is available from keyservers, and also here.

A brief history of me

See also the publications and software lists.


Born on August the 13th, 1973 in Copenhagen.
National of Denmark.



Postdoc at the Technical University of Denmark.
Post-doctoral research associate at Heriot-Watt University.
Ph.D. fellow (lĝnnet ph.d.-studerende), University of Copenhagen.
Research programmer in the TOPPS group.
Teaching assistant on various undergraduate courses.
Various free-lance programming jobs
Newspaper and paper-spam delivery. Managed to get myself fired over attempts to unionize my colleagues. Boy, was I a subversive back then.




I like going barefoot. Yes, my feet sometimes get cold, but it's better than wearing shoes. When it's freezing I sometimes give in and wear boots for long walks.


I am one of the few people who still use the word "homepage" to refer to the page that one sets one's browser to display at startup, rather than the page where one presents oneself to others. The page you are reading now is not my homepage. This is.

Erdös number

My Erdös number is known to be at most 4, witnessed by the following path:

Before I discoverd that path, I had my Erdös number bounded by 5, using the paths:

And before even that I had a bound of 6, using the paths:

Thanks to the Erdös Number Project for providing the beginning of each path.


Peter Makholm: Brother, born 1977

He writes a lot on Usenet (as do I), and does a variety of open-source stuff. He also studies computer science at DIKU. We're not actively hiding that we're brothers, but occasionally people seem to get confused. This paragraph should count as an explicit declaration of brotherhood.

Jesper Makholm: Brother, born 1986

Has no web presence of his own. Has posted in a few dk.* newsgroups, at my explicit insistence, but then left for school and lost connectivity, at least until the summer of 2003.

Not identical to the Jesper Makholm Byskov who is a computer scientist in Aarhus, and who at some point called himself only "Jesper Makholm" for twisty legal reasons having to do with letting his wife take Makholm as a middle name. I suppose we are related to the latter Jesper in some way but not close enough that I've been able to dig up how.

Leif Makholm and Bente Makholm: Parents, born 1952 (both of them)

They have no personal web pages either, but my mother maintains the website of KBU (the Copenhagen tenpin bowling association).

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